Things I love….


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This Stampin Up set is just so super cute!! As you can see it says “Things I love….chocolate, shopping, new shoes…”. Then you open it up and it says “but most of all you”….This set I knew I had to have once the new Stampin Up catalog came out! I was determined to make this for my husband….and I did. For our anniversary in August I made this up for him and wrote him a letter on the inside. We have been married for 7 years. Where has the time gone. We have been together 10, married 7 and have 5 children. God is so good!! I feel so truly blessed. This life is BEYOND anything I could of even imagine….

This card made me realize and think about all the things I love in life- my awesome Heavenly Father, my wonderful amazing husband, my beautiful children, my stamps, my businesses, all my blesses both big and small….WOW!!

Today, take time to think of all the things you love….You may, like me, truly find so many things you love….and that turns into all the blessings and joys youi have….and just thankful thoughts we don’t always spend time thinking….

It truly brings a smile to my face, how about yours?!

Have a blessed day!!


One Response to Things I love….

  1. Lois Graham says:

    This is a cute card. I love the idea of using it think of all the things you love. Giving this card is great way to count your blessing and encourage someone. We are so blessed!Thanks and Happy Stamping!

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