WOW! How long has it been!!

I honestly believe I probably have 0 people checking out my blog these days. Since I haven’t updated it in MANY MANY months! My apologies!! What has been going on in my life since my last post? Let’s see:

Heavenly Blessed had an amazing few months of growing retail products, donating and doing a successful fundraiser for children at hospitals with cancer (we donated 200 pairs of baby legs and over 100 cards to children), staying busy with an online store and retail store (Blvd at Noda).

My little ones have had birthday’s left and right! Over the summer my oldest turned 6 and my 2nd oldest turned 5. We gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kelstyn Joy July 3rd. We also have just enjoyed our family….getting into the groove of my husband working from home. We started our homeschool year July 6th….

Stampin Up had many exciting things going on and we enjoyed many camps….we took a few months off and are kicking back up the fun and excitment…

The Lord has been doing mightly things in the Cooper Household and we are just enjoying the ride. I can’t say it’s all been easy but we can count MANY blessings….

I am sorry I disappeared for so long, but I am excited to be back up and rolling!! I truly look forward to get back into the BLOG world :)….


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