Sneak Peak of next camp…

August 27, 2009


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Busy today trying to get well and trying to design cards for our next Stampin Up camp!! Our next camp we will be doing the FAMOUS 20 cards for $25.00!! This is always the most popular camp!! Of coarse you can see why, cards for $1.25 that look SO fabulous and truly sell for $3.00-$4.00 each!! This “just for you” card I think is an amazing masculine card. Can be turned into a birthday card or just left blank. That way anytime you need a card for a guy- you have one!! It’s hard to find those great guy cards!!

More samples of the camp to come- the camp- not sure if it’s on the site yet or not, but it’s September 17th, 18th or 19th…so if you are in the Charlotte area and want to come….get in on the date you want NOW before the slot is fun!!

Exciting!! Hope everyone has a blessed day 🙂


Autumn Days

August 27, 2009


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Autumn Days is one stamp set that is in the new Stampin Up catalog. At first I wasn’t sure I would like it, however it grew on me….once I ordered it and got it in I just fell in love! It makes the simpliest, cutest cards!! I have been having so much fun with this stamp set. I will try to post some of my other samples another day.

Hope everyone has a great day. I am battling strep and some other interesting things so I am going to go get in bed and rest :).

Until tomorrow…

Home Sweet Home

August 25, 2009


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Hello!! I didn’t post yesterday because I was not feeling well at all!! I haven’t been sick in yeras and yesterday I felt like I got hit like a ton of bricks. I even went to the dr, which once again I haven’t done in YEARS!! Luckily hubby is home doing homeschooling and kid stuff so I can rest, which is a totally blessing!!

Now onto the cards- I love this set by Sweet N Sassy! I got in last year to do some cards for their design team thing…Luckily I Didn’t make the design team because the Lord knew I didn’t have time, but I still love using her sets!!

This card was used for a card order I was doing, just to welcome someone into their new home. It’s using Maya Arts ribbon, Stampin Up cardstock, background stamp and watercolors/blender pens!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

My love for string instruments

August 23, 2009


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I have been wanting this Stampin Up stamp set since it came out in the catalog a good whlie back….I used to play the violin and just loved it….so relaxing, enjoyable and beautiful….I played from 4th grade through college a bit…although the more I think about it the last time I played was at my Grandfather’s funeral 6 years ago. Where does time go?!

None the less, I just love this imagine….the card intself is so simple and I just figured what more do you need….the imagine says it all….


August 21, 2009


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I am so excited!! Stampin Up has a new mini catalog coming out September 1st and it’s SO awesome!! We have so many seasonal things in there, PLUS a huge new Build a Bear Line (yes we are teaming with Build a Bear!!) and a digital scrapbooking. I am doing a camp next weekend to kick it off and show everyone many of the new sets that are inside the mini (many…I went shop happy I couldn’t resist!)

This picture shows the items we will be making at the camp! The cost is $12.00 or a $25.00 purchase. If you are in the Charlotte area (or even Denver, Lincolnton, Gastonia, etc)….and want to come- let me know! the camp is Thusday August 27, Friday August 28 or saturday august 29. saturday has filled up, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t switch last minute, so if you want that date let me know.

these cute vases are from IKEA as well. LOVE that store!! I have to go there next week to get them for the camp….darn!! 🙂 A great excuse to go to a huge, awesome store!!

Well, my little ones are rising so that is all this morning, let me know what you think of the pictures (Oh the flower is using a stamp set and little sweet containres from the mini!!)

Have a blessed day all!!

WOW! How long has it been!!

August 20, 2009

I honestly believe I probably have 0 people checking out my blog these days. Since I haven’t updated it in MANY MANY months! My apologies!! What has been going on in my life since my last post? Let’s see:

Heavenly Blessed had an amazing few months of growing retail products, donating and doing a successful fundraiser for children at hospitals with cancer (we donated 200 pairs of baby legs and over 100 cards to children), staying busy with an online store and retail store (Blvd at Noda).

My little ones have had birthday’s left and right! Over the summer my oldest turned 6 and my 2nd oldest turned 5. We gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kelstyn Joy July 3rd. We also have just enjoyed our family….getting into the groove of my husband working from home. We started our homeschool year July 6th….

Stampin Up had many exciting things going on and we enjoyed many camps….we took a few months off and are kicking back up the fun and excitment…

The Lord has been doing mightly things in the Cooper Household and we are just enjoying the ride. I can’t say it’s all been easy but we can count MANY blessings….

I am sorry I disappeared for so long, but I am excited to be back up and rolling!! I truly look forward to get back into the BLOG world :)….