Sneak Peak at the new mini coming out!


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Stampin Up has a new mini coming out April 1st and they are evening allowing us to order a few sets begining in March 1st….this set is one that I just love! It’s called Wagon Full of Fun. Look how cute the little ducky is?! I asked my husband if I can use this little ducky on our newest additions annoucements….of coarse he said “sure whatever” :)….

Not much going on around here, lots of new samples coming out and getting ready for the upcoming months!

If you have ever thought about signing up with Stampin Up NOW IS THE TIME! EMAIL ME TODAY! They are offer 15% off the kit, ($199 kit before 15% discount but over $300 worth product), 1 free stamp set of your choice and 3 month payment plan to help during these trying times! PLUS my upline is offering $35.00 free and I offer a few free goodies to help you get started for your first workshop! SO NOW IS THE TIME if you haven’t ever thought about it, it’s a great way to earn extra money, doing what you love to do and Stampin Up is the BEST company to work for!!! Seriously, email me for details!!

I Hope everyone has truly blessed day. I need to work a bit more before the little ones rise, we have another busy day ahead of us around the house :).


3 Responses to Sneak Peak at the new mini coming out!

  1. Britta W says:

    What adorable happy cards!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    I just love that little duck! Such a cute set! TFS!!

  3. Lmac says:

    Love the card with the ducky! It’s so simple and cute!

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