WOW! How long has it been!!


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I just realized today that I haven’t posted on my blog in ages!!! I am so sorry….boy how I have missed it. Trying to adjust to life and new situations the Lord is putting in out way…

Around here we have been busy planning for our 5th baby GIRL coming soon!! My husband has relaunched his computer business from home and we are just reworking schedules, enjoy the little ones and all the blessing the Lord has given us!!

I have started to pick up my Stampin Up business more and more. It’s been a lot of fun!! So I shouldn’t have a problem coming up with daily samples for everyone.

Speaking of samples I had a business order (Heavenly Blessed is doing great as well and stay in touch because I hope to have several more retail companies and lots new products coming soon!) and it was for St Patty’s Day. How fun is that!?! So I came up with this little guy and green m&m’s. Now did you know that these are on clearance because they are for Valentine’s Day….it’s said that green is the new color of LOVE LOL (says the package!)….

I thought it was so super cute!! I hope you guys have a blessed day and instead of a longer novel now I will be in touch with upcoming things and lots more pictures as the days go by 🙂

Have a blessed evening!!


3 Responses to WOW! How long has it been!!

  1. WAY CUTE!! Hey, I know what else you can post… my sketch challenge!! 😉 😉 😉

  2. This is adorable! Can I CASE this idea? I promise to give credit to you! SO cool!

  3. Jill says:

    sure you can!! I don’t mind at all. There is also a super cute semi similar sample on SCS where they use a matchbox (matches) style container and put the little face on the front with a chocolate on the inside. I think Green jelly beans would be SUPER cute too!! 🙂 The ribbon is not SU, it’s $.99 from Michaels!! Have fun!! Send me a link when you do it so I can see 🙂 🙂 I love ideas….oh and if you check out my flickr gallery (on the side of my blog) there is a few more ST Patty’s samples, a card and a flower box, not as cute as this guy though 🙂

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