Happy Tuesday!


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I almost said Happy Monday…guess that is a sign that I truly do have my days all messed up! How is everyone? Here is the southern NC state we actually saw snow!! Although we were suppose to get 2-5 inches and our area didn’t get anything really, but some areas did truly get that.

so, why we are enjoying seeing the white stuff, our house is wanting it to pass so we can get out and go to an ultrasound appointment and see our NEWEST blessing!! Hence the beautiful card 🙂 LOL. Although it’s not so much baby, but this card I made the other day. Isn’t it halarious! I love this stamp set by Gina K Design. It’s just something that makes the funniest cards!!

Well, we just got a call from Mary at the Prenatal Place and our ultrasound is ON!! Wahoo!! That means I am going to go get the children ready to run out the door!! I will post later today maybe a picture or two and some news!!

Have a blessed day!!


3 Responses to Happy Tuesday!

  1. Can’t wait to hear the news!!! Oh, and our area DID get lots of snow! Yay! Cam loved it, but Katy absolutely HATED it!!

  2. Jill, congrats on your pregnancy – that is wonderful news!

  3. Lmac says:

    Lol! This is so funny! And congrads!

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