Thursday, 10th Day of Christmas

December 10, 2008

Thinking of you snails

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I can’t believe I havent posted since the 6th, my apologes!! Please be sure to check out Limelight Papercrafts. They are still doing the 12 days of Christmas, lots of sale items and lots of give aways….make sure you check it out.

Stampin Up has sent out the retired list. Very excited about that. I don’t know how to attach forms or I would. It’s a great time where they get rid of lots of favs we all have to have, but then they come out with lots of favs we have to have! Torn between too…

Today I decided to use this thinking of you card I made with the snails. I feel very SLOW and STEADY today, so why not use a card with snails….LOL.

Lots has been going on around here and I have been up since 2 am. I hope everyone has a blessed day….it’s raining hear and I am looking forward to a nap while the little ones sleep.

OHHH- We went to a midwife appointment this am….we listened to the heartbeat and heard a nice, good heartbeat…..WHAT A HUGE PRAISE!!!!! It truly made our day and turns emotions we have been having to nothing but JOY!



6th Day of Christmas and more….

December 6, 2008

Hello!! sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I got on to post last night and wordpress has updated their dashboard and I have no idea how to use any of it :). Usually I am all for changes, but last night not so much! I barely understand how to post anyway, now you change it and I am clueless all over again.

So, non the less I didn’t get anything posted, but there is lots going on! I want to play a game from yesterday just because it was fun….so, let me give you the scoop for today and last night :).

Limelight is having a game as well as a project presented today, so check out Mandy blog here. It will tell you what they had to create as well as where to go for the 6th day of Christmas (they are still playing the 12 days of christmas). It’s Bingo today!! Fun stuff. Their containers they had to design are SO awesome and there are lots cookie receipes to try!!

The other game I thought was fun was Fill In Friday- Jessica had this on her blog here. Something else I saw on Mandy’s blog and thought it was fun, So here is my go at it:

1. Snow is something we hope to get this winter!

2. I’m looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birthday with our little ones as a family.

3. Anthony is the best husband ever!

4. One of my favorite old tv shows is Little House on the Praire.

5. I’m done with …would love to say laundry, but I have like 10 loads to do! LOL.

6. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is watching the children learn so much about the birth of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas….they are just in awe of it and it’s so precious to watch.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to (past tense remember I needed to post this Friday) Family Fusion at church (it’s a fun thing at our church where the school age children bring their family to learn about the virtue they will learn for the month. It’s always a fun time for everyone), tomorrow my plans include visiting with Anthony’s family- his brother and his family are coming in from West Virginia and Sunday, I want to relax and enjoy the day of rest!!

Cute huh?! Anyway, I think that is about it for me here! I do have a little story if you want to keep reading about my oldest daughter. She came home last Sunday telling us she had to make an ornament and bring it to Family Reunion (she always gets that word confused with fusion because it’s hard….she is 5 LOL)….we asked her why and what for and she wasn’t sure, but she knows that her teacher told her that. Well, we forgot about it and come Thursday night I told her about it coming up and she said “Oh no mom, we have to make a glass ornament”….I said “we do are you sure”….my wonderful and persistent daughter insisted I email someone to find out. I emailed a friend that works with the little ones and she didn’t hear about it, so I told my daughter that and she said “email Miss Wendy (children director) she knwos everything”….so I did per my persistent daughter and come to find out SHE WAS RIGHT!! She was so proud of her being faithful, basically the teachers forgot to relay the message in the 2nd service and to everyone as a reminder becasue the phone systems at church broke, so it didn’t get very far, but becuase she was so faithful to remember she could still make one. Well, OF COARSE she wanted to! So we made this super cute snowman ornament. She was so proud and she got to put it on the tree at church and help out with a game for being so faithful and listening so well. She was thrilled!

We were so proud of her, that girl really does remember everything and she is very persistent, I guess it will be a good quality as she gets older! I was going to post a picture of her ornament but our battery is dead in the camera. So we are going to make another one and take a picture of it to show you guys this weekend :). Watch for it, She is way to happy about it!!

OK, if you got thsi far great. have a blessed day!!

3rd Day of Christmas

December 3, 2008


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My hubby and I enjoyed the song game going on at Limelight today. Check out here blog here and you can see where it will send you. You should play along it was a lot of fun!!

Not much else going on today, been busy making a lot of Christmas cards, I hope to post pictures soon so you can see :)….until then I am going to nap and enjoy the early months of pregnancy :)….I am almost out of week 10 which means there is hope I will be soon enough energy and food again….LOL

Hope you are having a blessed day….and staying warm 🙂

Updated Stamp Sale List- Prices Reduced!

December 2, 2008

Hello, a few weeks ago or days, I can’t remember- I posted a HUGE STAMP SALE post. I haven’t had a chance to update it until now. I have updated the list and taken off all that has sold and REDUCED THE PRICES!!!!!! So check it out, get them before they are gone!!!


*All stamps (if not new) have barely been used, which is why they need a new home. I will ship cheapest option so shipping will vary depending on what you order to give you the cheapest rate. If you need pictures or have any questions let me know.*



Current Stampin Up Sets For Sale:

Hostess sets:
Bitty Basics new unmounted (I think, I know new) $6.00


Current Sets:

Simply Said $12.00

Everything Baby new $9.00

All in the Family all new but baby $24.00- pending

Family Accessories all new but gift $9.00- pending

Fresh Cuts $10.00

A Light unto My Path $10.00

Please Come new $14.00

Totally tabs $8.00

Only Ovals $15.00

Taking Care of Business $15.00

Short Order ABC’s most unmounted $25.00

Stem Sayings $14.00


Retired Stampin Up Sets:

Happy Day $4.00

2 6×6 paper packs $3.50 each

Event Full new unmounted $5.00

Holiday Spirit $8.00

Block Party $8.00

Elegent Inspiration $8.00

Mini Mates $12.00

All About U $10.00

Spring Solitude new $5.00

Small script $3.00

All Around Argyle $10.00

Stipple Celebration $12.00

Along the Same Lines $8.00

So Happy $10.00

Birthday Whimsy- new $5.00

All Wrapped Up $8.00

Sweet and Sassy $8.00

Shapes and Shadows $12.00

Nice and Narrow $8.00

Loving Hearts $8.00

A Light Heart $10.00

Holiday Blocks $8.00

Life’s Special Moments $10.00

Fun Filled $10.00

God Bless new un mounted $3.00

Monogram lower K new unmounted $3.00

Monogram lovwer A new unmounted $3.00

W monogram $4.00

Springtime Stems new $6.00

A Little Bit OF Happiness new $6.00

Bud Basics $6.00

Riveting new $6.00

Polka Dot and Paisley $8.00

Teeny Tinies $2.00

Borders mini $2.00

Burst into blooms $2.00

Autumn Fest new $8.00

Dotted $8.00

Sweet dreams new $8.00

Fine lace $6.00

Sketch it $10.00


Misc Companies:

JustJohanna small bumblebee new $1.00

Gina K Designs Friendship blooms new unmounted  $10.00



Hibiscus $2.00

dress up $4.00

happy birthday circle top new $6.00




From our home to yours… (saying) New $1.00


Close to My Heart:

Dancing Dreams $6.00

Let Freedom Ring- new $4.00

Because I love you- new $8.00

Rustic Flowers- new $8.00

Moments- new $10.00

Friendship Blessings $10.00


My Angel Company:

Scriptybet new mostly unmounted- $20.00

Treasureit new $5.00

Hello baby new $2.00

Minioccasions  new $3.00

Letitsnow new $3.00

Partytime new $3.00

Toddle-bet new unmounted $10.00

Kinder-bet new unmounted $8.00

Simple-bet new unmounted $8.00

Can’t find names- but descriptions (can take pictures)

Frong, leaves, bug – april 28 it says on the stamp- new unmounted $2.00

Christmas accessories- looks like postage stamp with star, candy can, snow flake and 3-4 others new $3.00

On the 2nd Day Of Christmas….

December 2, 2008


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I do think I will be singing this song now for the rest of the month…LOL!

OK, so for Limelight’s 2nd Day of Christmas fun they have another challenge going on at Lee’s Blog. Check it out here. She is doing a challenge using a beautiful picture of her yard….I wish we could see just snow falling….check it out and look how beautiful the white is!

So this is the card I designed for her challenge, I wanted a light grey color cardstock, but I don’t have one, so I decided to use silver. I also wanted something a bit more “white” for the trees, but the best I could do is some white shimmery glitter purchased from Limelight. The rest of the products I used this time are from Stampin Up.

I hope everyone stays warm today, I am off to try to get some things done around the house and play with the little ones. My daughter (the 2 year old daughter) said “mommy I like the christmas trees…I like it”. So at least this card got my little ones stamp of approval! LOL


On the 1st Day of Christmas….

December 2, 2008


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Limelight Papercrafts is doing the 12 days of Christmas. It started yesterday with day 1. I am a little behind on posting because I wasn’t feeling well last night. The baby is now sleeping in my craft room so once she is asleep (8pm) my work/play day is over! 😦 Sad stuff, but that is OK. Anyway, to check out the 12 days of Christmas, click here on Mandy’s Blog.

For Day 1, Lisa was the host of a fabulous challenge. Check the challenge out here.

Here is my card. She gave instructions for this fabulous ribbon bow/thing and I had to try it out. It looked so simple and it was! Thanks for sharing Lisa! It was great, anyway, very sweet and simple using a bird and a tree. If you can see there is a bird hiding in the tree…he is a boy bird peaking on miss girl bird….well, really they are chicks but chicks are birds right?! LOL I can’t decide is the boy bird is sweet or creapy….LOL but non the less it was a bright idea I had yesterday and for any idea yesterday I was grateful! LOL

This card is using Just Johanna stamps that I purchased at Limelight. the ribbon and paper are from there as well. The green paper is Stampin Up Always Artichoke.

Hope everyone has a great day!! Off to check out the 2nd Day of CHristmas and try to stay caught up!