What a Busy Birthday day…


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Today was my brother’s 29th birthday. You would think it was the children’s. They were so excited they woke up at 6:30 am wanting to bake all the goodies and go there NOW. We weren’t even suppose to be there until 4, after naps, but everything got edited. We decided to go ahead and cook and go over for lunch. It worked out well because we helped him with a bunch of things. He was having a cook out/housewarming thing all today for his birthday….kill 2 birds with one stone I guess. So it was a great time.

I got home and felt so tired and sick….the joy of pregnancy, but that is OK-God is good right?! As I have a little one at my feet yelling “BYE” to everyone today. Too cute!!

I went and checked out my friend Mandy’s blog over at Limelight and she has some goodies going on…check it out and make sure to be thinking about what makes you SMILE :)…..

Have a great evening!!


4 Responses to What a Busy Birthday day…

  1. joyclynn says:

    this is adorable! great card for all ages 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Great birthday card! I will have to case this sometime!

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