Beauty Of Fall Today


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I love this card, mostly because I love the image and the colors. Living in North Carolina, it’s so beautiful this time of year….trees of all different colors and everything so beautiful. The fall sun kind of blinding but so beautiful as it reflects all the colors. It’s such a beautiful thing. Reminds me of how perfect and wonderful our God is. To create such an image just for us to enjoy…beautiful! Makes you just want to stop and smell the fresh air.

Sometimes I find when life throws these curve balls in my life…just day to day bumps… and when the day gets busy…instead of getting frustrating and doing something that probably wouldn’t be pleasing to the Lord, I try to step back and embrace HIS goodness….and I found myself doing that many times today…

And since I can’t seem to get anything done on my to do list due to all my bumps today…I figured why not share it with you!

This card is using a Stampin Up stamp set from the new mini catalog. I can’t remember the name (I know that is bad, especially since I am a SU demo)…and all Stampin Up colors/card stock.

I hope everyone has a blessed day…hope you have beautiful scenery to look at yourself. I would love to hear what beauty you are looking at today.


5 Responses to Beauty Of Fall Today

  1. Very pretty…I love the leaves! Yes, perfect NC colors!!

  2. Kerilou says:

    What a beautiful card! I got the patterned paper that goes with this set-I love the colors you used!
    Kerilou SCS

  3. Tiffany says:

    I just love this tree stamp set!! Great card!

  4. abi says:

    I love this tree wish we could get it in the uk! great card!

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