BabyLegs Cancer Project- ALMOST THERE!

I wanted to update everyone on the BabyLegs Cancer Project I am doing for with my business, Heavenly Blessed. Our goal is 100 pairs of BabyLegs and I wanted to let you know right now as of this am we have 64 pairs donated (money confirmed)!. Isn’t that exciting!! Only 36 more pairs to go! We do still have 1-2 businesses and several people still interested, so there is still many more options to get a few more pairs hopefully.

If you want more details check out my previous reminder here. You will find all the info to see the flyer and exactly what is going on. Remember, if you want some for yourself that is great too, 10% will be donated to search! Check them out, aren’t they SO cute!! The BabyLegs that are pictured are many of the ones I hope to donate with my company as I am matching for every 2 pairs anyone buys!!

Please, if you haven’t checked it out or even if you have, check it out and pass it along….every little bit helps! If you can’t help with even buying 1 pair, donate a few bucks!! These children would be so estatic if we hit our goal of 100 pairs and BabyLegs donated 100 pairs!!

Thanks so much for those who have helped us get this far. We are truly blessed and we appreciate it greatly!! Any questions please contact me.


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