Attempting to think outside the box-


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Do you know how hard that is?! LOL I only think but so many ways and usually it’s hard enough to think!! LOL Anyway, I am trying to go outside my box on some different layouts and finding it nearly impossible. When I make cards I like to keep them pratical and mailable, I find I don’t have the time or storage to make cards I won’t ever mail or give to anyone….so this makes it hard to make those BLING cards that aren’t so basic….sigh! So I figured let me try to go outside my box.

I took this Pink Cat Studio Billy Set I haven’t used yet and I used my oval cutters (From Creative Memories)….I used aquapainters and watercolor crayons from Stampin Up to color in the little guy and his frog. That detail can’t be seen so nicely on a photo. I then used the Billy Background on the green to stamp Hop and little froggy feet everywhere. I used my Stampin Up paper texture thing to give it that look and I even took 2 1/2 ovals on each side and just scratched them up with my ink pad. Yes, all very simple but I felt like I was going outside my box. I even popped up the litle guys 🙂 LOL It took way to long to make one card! I could never use that for my business and duplicate it extremely easy to make so many orders.

My husband came home and I said “Honey, I am trying to go outside my box so I used oval circles….how does it look”….he said “Just like all your other cards!” LOL Are you serious! Then of coarse as I processed it all I thought it look the same I guess….sigh…

So my hubby said tonight he is going to help me go outside my box 🙂 LOL So we will see. I want to try out for a design team this month and I am just not sure what to do or if I should. I understand they want your best cards, but to me it’s fake to make these 4 cards I won’t ever make anything like again. It’s like false advertising….like politics that say everything you want to hear but you know once they are elected they don’t mean any of it. LOL I just want to make cards that I like and that are me and I think many of them are extremely nice….because in the end if I make the design team that is what you will always see….I guess that is the real part of me in everything I am and do….

So anyway, here is my Billy Card. I have some other Pink Cat Studio card samples if you would like to see. I didn’t ever get a chance to edit my post from a few days ago. You can check out my duck, feel better owl, birthday owl, friendship owls and Lily.

Today we are just enjoying the day. We had a chiropractor appointment this am and then went to the Health Food Store for some groceries why we were on that side of town. Now to finish lunch and get ready for nap time. Although today I could really use a nap. Have a great day everyone!!

Thanks for listening to my situation and letting me vent! LOL



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