Playing with Pink Cat Stamps!

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Today I have to make a bunch of cards for a business order and they are mostly children’s cards. So I had to get out all my Pink Cat stamps that I love….Lily, billy, owls, animals! I can’t wait to make many more samples. This card is using designer paper and ribbon from Limelight Papercrafts and the sheet is from an animal set by Pink cat Studio that I also bought from Limelight.

I do have some samples I made before that you can see. This is Billy Indian and Billy cowboy. I have some uploading and will edit in a bit.

I hope to take a picture of my carpet today. My house is 99.9% back to normal, nice and clean. It’s a lot of fun because before the carpet was so dirty even if the house was spotless it still felt dirty. Now even if the house is dirty it looks clean. I mean how great is that?! I am loving it.

Not to much going on today, just the basic catching up on the house from the weekend, school, playing, resting….same old. We are cooking some yummy food tonight and the little ones want to make cookies for a friend. So we will do that.

Hope everyone has a blessed day.


2 Responses to Playing with Pink Cat Stamps!

  1. Ooh! How cute! Love the colors and, of course, that little sheepie!

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