Heavenly Blessed want to help fight Cancer!

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Heavenly Blessed is a company I own and I wanted to tell you guys a little about it- what you see in this picture is a gift basket. I mostly specialize in handmade cards, invitations, etc…and just expanded to specialize in gift baskets. In doing that I know carry a few retail items. This is a sample of a gift basket I have made for a baby girl. What you see in the back is Baby Legs and the other goodies are Naked Bee. The BabyLegs I wanted to bring to your attention because right now Heavenly Blessed is trying to help with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please check out my business blog and read about what is going on, the Fight for Cancer post is here. The Lord really put this on my heart last weekend while we were wrapping up vacation and I just knew without a doubt I needed to do it.

Now, why have I been MIA lately- well, as you know from a few of my posts we were on vacation. We are so blessed to have faithfully listened to the Lord and stayed home. The Lord just worked in amazing ways in our home, in our children and in our marriage and it was everything that we needed. We feel so blessed to have spend that week hibernating instead of doing other things…even though we would of loved to see family and fellowship at the beach :). Turns out really the Lord was really watching out for us, where we were going got hit by a storm and it rained like 3 days or so and was really cold. God is so good and we are constantly reminded of that….especially last week when we put everything on hold to enjoy the precious gifts from our Heavenly Father- just amazing.

And of coarse we are back to work today. Satan for sure doesn’t want us to be happy and return to normal…so of coarse it’s truly been a Monday in our house, didn’t get school done today, but did enjoy the children and Grandma took us to Chucky Cheese- I had 2 children wet the bed and the kitchen sink to leak and produce an ocean under the sink….so needless to say I have lots of laundry and cleaning to do before the end of the evening :)….

Have a blessed Evening! Look forward to getting into the flow of posting and chatting with everyone again.


3 Responses to Heavenly Blessed want to help fight Cancer!

  1. Heidi says:

    Oh my……. i hope you have a better evening girl!

  2. […] is doing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you haven’t seen what is going on check an earlier post or Heavenly Blessed’s […]

  3. […] If you haven’t heard about what is going on, my company Heavenly Blessed is collecting orders to donate BabyLegs to local (Charlotte, NC) children’s hospital going to children with cancer. For every 2 pairs you buy, my company will donate 1 pair, PLUS we will donate 10% of all proceeds to a local research company to find a cure. We have picked UNC Charlotte for our research group they specialize in breast cancer and other types of cancer/areas cancer is in. For more details check it out here. […]

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