A Precious Day


Originally uploaded by Heavenly Blessed

I uploaded a bunch of my card samples on my Flickr account the other day – mostly for my business and I came across this one. This is just one of my favorite cards- or stamp sets really. I love this saying “Each Day of life is a precious gift from God”…

Now how true is that?! I think of that as we are hibernating at home on vacation. It’s just been so fun and we have just truly enjoyed laughing and loving all the little things. Like this morning they woke up and we were still in bed and my 2 year old daughter wanted to get in the bed with the baby. So we let her in and she was trying to sit her up….it was halarious! I mean she is maybe 21 pounds to 17 pounds…and she said “Yous are heavy”….it was halarious. Hubby and I couldn’t help from laughing so hard! It even made the baby laugh!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a blessed day.


One Response to A Precious Day

  1. Beautiful card…. And CUTE story!!

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