Limelight Card Challenge for WCMD


Originally uploaded by Heavenly Blessed

Happy Birthday MANDY!!! Did you get my card?!

Check out her challenge here.

I have been really wanting to play with this new tractor from Just Johanna. So I figured why not now 🙂 I used that grass looking stuff from Limelight (I don’t remember the name) and of coarse both just johanna stamps are from Limelight :).

Happy Sunday, have a blessed day! We just got home from a great morning at church! We slept in today, which is odd especially for me (before everyone rises is my quiet time) so it was a bit of a rush but church was so nice and encouraging! Now we are just enjoying a day or rest with our little ones…my 2 year old little girl thinks it’s nice to scream from her room upstairs so the whole house can hear her :)…I better go see what see needs. Blessings!


8 Responses to Limelight Card Challenge for WCMD

  1. Tessa says:

    Cute card! My son would love it – he loves all things tractors.

  2. Loretta says:

    I love the truck! Adorable cards, your blog is awesome!

  3. Kerry A says:

    I like how you used the sparkle fibers! I have the pink ones but haven’t found the right use for them yet…they are so messy aren’t they?!

  4. How wonderful! I love what you’ve done wit h the tractor. And OF COURSE the Sparkle Fibers grass!!! 🙂 Thanks for playing along, Jill!

  5. What a cute card!!! Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog … I really appreciate it … stop back ANYTIME!!
    Now I have to go see what else you made yesterday!!

  6. Jen A says:

    Cute card! I like what you did with the grass.

  7. very cute card. love the tractor. reminds me of farming with my grampa as a kid!:)

  8. Mary says:

    adorable card! love the tractor image…reminds me of when my kids were little and they would ride with grandpa on his John deere.

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