Our Challenge here at home!

We have a challenge here at home, however it’s not nearly as much fun as all these card challenges! We officially started “vacation” today, but we decided not to go anywhere. The Lord was really pressing on our hearts to stay home and invest a full week to our children. Training them to change some habits, explaining to them some things they are going through and just loving and enjoy them. So, that is what we decided to do, however we figured why not do a few house projects as well. So today our challenge is to clean our garage. Doesn’t sound like much of a challenge huh?! Well, you haven’t seen our garage.

Can one family really have that much junk in a garage?! Well, the answer is yes! Our growing family of 6 does have that much junk and it’s insane! Luckily our house usually stays clean, but the garage on the other hand ends up like this and every 3-6 months we are cleaning it out. We are hoping this time we can find better organizing to stop this trend, but we will see.

So wish us luck on our daily challenge and we will send an updated picture if we complete our challenge. Anyone else have any challenges today?!



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