Limelight WCMD Game!!

So I am up bright and early exciting to see what all is going on and got the OK from my husband to play some fun games and do some fun challenges!! 🙂 You can check out Limelights game here! I have decided to just start a flickr set with my items all day and post them here and keep only one thread for this game instead of 20 🙂 LOL Here is my Flickr Set but I will post all the links seperately below.

Have a great day and happy stamping!!

For my 8am challenge- here is a picture of my breakfast item- Stonefield Organic Strawberry Yogurt

For my 10am challenge- here is a picture of my mousepad- Marshall- Anthony’s brother and his wife gave us this for Christmas many years ago!

For my 12pm challenge- here is a picture of my unfinished project. I started this project last year around this time and just found them in the garage 🙂

For 2pm challenge- video- I have nothing…yet 🙂

For 4pm challenge- I passed on posting candy.

For 6pm challenge- a sleeping family member picture we have! Here is our littlest, who fell asleep playing :).

8pm challenge- I can of coarse find some shoes 🙂 🙂 Although it should of been easier than it was, I leave my shoes everywhere (the children even get on me! LOL). Here is my shoes :).

Fun Fun! I hate it’s coming to an end. This game was REALLY fun!


3 Responses to Limelight WCMD Game!!

  1. YUM! We love Stonyfield Farm!

  2. Cool mousepad! Love how you are adding to the same post!

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