Our Growing Little Blessings

Lots of people want to see our little blessings, so I wanted to post current pictures of our little blessings. They are growing so quickly and are now 8 months, 2 1/2, 4 and 5.

Today is such a gorgeous day here, we have been playing outside most of it. They are all napping right now and we plan to go out again this evening. Our youngest is bringing us all such joy. She is just at such a cute age, crawling everywhere, always so happy and she just lights up at the site of any of us.

We started a new chore system today.The children all have little cards and a tag that clips to their clothes. In the morning and afternoon (before dad gets home) they have to get that tag and do all their chores. They love it! They raced to get them all done in no time at all. My 3rd child did very well and I was shocked. Sometimes she likes to use the whole baby approach to let everyone else to the work. But not anymore.

Tonight we are in for dinner with Grandma (my mom) and a trip to the mall for fall/winter clothes shopping! I hope everyone truly has a blessed day. I am off to finish working, wrap up laundry and get ready for our afternoon. Hubby is working a bit late so he can take off next week and we can vacation!



One Response to Our Growing Little Blessings

  1. What a beautiful family!! You are truly blessed!!!

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