Heavenly Blessed Carries Gift Baskets!

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I have spent the last few months expanding my business (for those that don’t know it’s Heavenly Blessed). The Lord really seemed to be leading me in all this and he has blessed in such abundances that my husband and I are still in awe of it all. Being so busy- we haven’t had a chance to update the website fast enough. Next week we are spending our vacation at home instead of traveling so soon it will be complete! Until then, I wanted to share with you a little of what I do with my business. This is one of the many gift baskets I can create. I now carry several retail companies such as; BabyLegs, Thayers, Beauti Control and Naked Bee. I also carry baskets, tissue paper, bath sponges and crinkle paper. It’s all in stock so I can basically design what anyone would like as soon as they would like it!

What do you think? This basket was ofcoarse a birthday order. This basket values at $20 dollars (without the bath and body works, those I just added in)- it comes with 3 Naked Bee lotion, a card and the basket decorated and put together.

I also needed a “project” for my design team application for Limelight, so I think I may use this.

If you ever want to see more baskets please check out my flickr gallery.

Have a blessed day. We are about to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather!


One Response to Heavenly Blessed Carries Gift Baskets!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love your cupcake card. You did a really nice job!! Cute basket too 🙂

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